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The Project Drivers specializes in delivering top-talent for digital development, design, engineering and market entry projects. We're a collective of professionals whose mission is to help your business grow online and stand out and eclipse your competitors.Our team always offers the most efficient solutions whether you want to build a custom web application, or want to streamline the functionality of your existing website.

We keep our ear to the ground for emerging new technologies to ensure we convert any and all of your ideas into success.

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We prove that outsourced projects don't require compromised quality

We work remotely, globally

Cut the project development time, enjoy flawless releases and 11/10 product delivery quality. Boost productivity, by hiring a team renowned for enterprise-level DevOps services, Product Development, and Hardware Integrations that can work 24/7 for your needs.

Flexible timing

We have the resources to deliver crunch-time project overload services, as well as commit our talent to long-term projects that need the best-in-class to reliably be an extension of your team and vision, year after year.

Full-stack? No. Stack Agnostic? Yes.

If you've dealt with other outsourced teams before or vetted developers on Upwork, you probably know that "full-stack" is often an exaggeration, at the least. The Project Drivers only include experts within their disciplines, so that as needed for your project development all bases are covered with excellence and without waste.

Internationally Present

In the digital age, we think it's foolish to even consider boundaries when it comes to product development success. Your product might be a great idea, but it needs to be a perfect reality. Our clientele spans from North America to the Middle East; Europe to East Asia. Our talent and facilities cover 3 continents. The world is a better place when the top minds in industry are available to collaborate.

How We Help You

What do you need right now to succeed?

Powering innovation across industries, globally

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Our experience spans multiple industries and challanges, which gives us a unique perspective that we bring to every client


Focus Areas

We are pairing a global perspective with deep sector knowledge to help you identify adjacent market opportunities.



We've built, invested in and accelerated hundreds of ventures, globally.



We partner with organisations of all shapes and sizes - from nimble startups to governments.


Some say that we have it all covered. You agree, right?

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